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Critters & Company presents "Friends and Spiritual Choices."   Many have made commitments and then are stopped cold before relationships are developed.  "Friends and Spiritual Choices" is designed to awaken the participants and challenge the relationship choices they have made.


Training churches how to care for themselves and their neighbors. Successful families are the heart of a nation and Critters & Company offers presentation to increase their success.  

Current presentations include 

  • Parenting for the Future
    • Building sensitivity for your children
    • Understanding past histories
    • Keeping it simple
  • When a Man's a Man
    • Sensitivities
    • Pain
    • Working with Priorities
  • God's Choice / Our Responsibility
    • Freedom of Choice
    • Stupidity mess ups
    • God's utmost choice of redemption - Jesus

Other presentations can be customized to accommodate your group.

Key Benefits

  • Provides your community access to the Spiritual Friends Program.
  • The Spiritual Friends Program fosters both the understanding of others and our relationship with Jesus Christ through proven innovative techniques.
  • Presentation atmosphere promotes interaction and individual discovery of program concepts.
  • The presentation builds a foundation of mentoring friends or family into a living relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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Interactive Workshops

  • Children's Ministry

  • Care Conferences 

  • Parent Education

  • Staff Development

  • Serving Your Congregation

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Why Critters & Company

  • Memory Retention - Critters & Company's use of live animals, stimulate the memory to retain information longer.

  • Recall - This unique medium of using live animals and story telling improves the foundational recall of presentation concepts.

  • Barrier Reduction - The use of live animals and story telling is an effective tool that gains and maintains the attention of the participants.  - Besides, its fun.


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