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Violence Prevention  & Character Development Program 

The Prevent the Violence Series is not a quick fix to relationship problems in schools and families. Critters and Company's live animals and storytelling works as a foundation in collaboration with your community, business, school, and/or families.

Part One
First Year

Friends and Choices

The Friends and Choices progam uses animals and storytelling to stimulate awareness of:

  • Personal space
  • Dangerous attitudes and
  • Quality friendships

Part Two
Second Year
Teasing Harassment in Disguise

In your school of workplace the awareness of:

  • Whose interpretation counts
  • The growth of empathy
  • The skills to manage inappropriate teasing and harassment 

is demonstrated through stories and live animals of Critters and Company.

Part Three
Third Year
Attitudes That Make  a Difference

Using live animals and storytelling, Critters & Company challneges your audience to incorporate attitudes of:

  • Flexibility
  • Respect
  • Curiosity and
  • Persistence into their lives

Part Four
Fourth Year
Diversity: The Spice of Variety

Critters & Company brings awareness to the beauty of diversity and how our differences add a depth of seasoning to our lives



We tackle 
Tough Issues
with gentle

"...I appreciated how you used animals and people to compliment how we teach the character values of respect and courtesy to our students.  Your message was gentle yet effective.  Students in my room were genuinely moved by the program and were able to explain its importance during our debriefing in the classroom."
 Karla Haben -  Teacher


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