wpe20.jpg (6198 bytes)"Teasing: Harassment in Disguise"
Presented by
Critters & Company

To: Parents and Guardians

Today your child saw a presentation on teasing, by Critters & Company. Critters & Company uses a unique medium of live animals and their stories to share with the children relationship building concepts. Each of the animals and the major issues of the presentation are shared with you in the following outline. Please take time to ask questions and explore with your child what they saw and heard today. Critters & Company wishes you the best of success in your journey of parenting your children. Gregory M. Olson, Critters & Company

I. Definition of Teasing: To annoy or pester, to make fun of continually.

African Gray Parrot:

  1. It's not fun to be around things that tease.
  2. Tag game: When we don't play by the rules it can be annoying and feel like teasing.


  1. Whose interpretation counts? The one receiving the action.
  2. When somebody says we are teasing, we are, if they think we are teasing them.


  1. Predators play and tease before they kill or harm. 
  2. Teasing can cause lasting damage - iguana tail.
  3. Pinch Story - about a little girl who was pinched in 1st grade.
  4. Little Boy- who ran because he was being teased and didn't look.
  5. Sometimes teasing hurts others in ways we don't mean it to hurt.


  1. Animals have a pecking order, puffed up power.
  2. People aren't animals we have empathy, the ability to feel for others.


What do you do if you get teased?
  1. Tell them you will not like to be near them if they continue teasing.
  2. Walk Away; ignore them, do not react.
  3. Find an adult; ask for advice on how to handle the situation.

Red Tail Hawk:

Saying your sorry, restoring relationships.
  1. Acknowledging that you hurt another.
  2. Accepting the other parties feelings of hurt.
  3. Understanding that healing takes time.

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