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wpe1.jpg (10158 bytes)Critters & Company is a powerful lyceum for both secondary and elementary schools.    Focusing on Violence Prevention and character development Critters & Company brings live animals and story telling as a medium to capture the minds and hearts of America's youth.  Critters & Company provides a forum for America's youth to take a stand for what is decent and proper, challenging them to treat animals and people with respect and courtesy.

Critters & Company has three current and one pending lyceum available under the Violence Prevention and character development theme.  Each of the  lyceums use a different set of live animals and stories to illustrate the main concepts.  Each presentation stands independent of the others and yet foreshadows or supports the material in the other presentations.  Many of our clients use each of the presentations on a yearly rotation.

Live Critters increase 
focus and memory retention.

The use of live animals and story telling is an effective tool in reaching students and staff.  Whether for preventing violence and building safe communities, or for developing a foundation for attitudes of respect and courtesy, Critters & Company's presentations have made an impact in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa Schools.

Programming Opportunities

  • Student Lyceums
  • Staff In-service
  • Parent focused presentations

Staff in-service is designed to compliment the lyceums presented to the students.   Topics such as "Building Sensitivity to Staff and Students" and "When Bad Things Happen Keep It Simple" are designed to minimize the stress and dangers that currently plague our nation's schools.

Presentations Available




We tackle 
Tough Issues
with gentle


"Excellent! I was prepared to study for a test during this segment, but closed 
my book immediately and never reopened it."       
College Student - "THE RIGHT CHOICE - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Conf.

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"...I appreciated how you used animals and people to compliment how we teach the character values of respect and courtesy to our students.  Your message was gentle yet effective.  Students in my room were genuinely moved by the program and were able to explain its importance during our debriefing in the classroom."
 Karla Haben -  Teacher

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