wpe20.jpg (6198 bytes)"Friends and Choices"
Presented by
Critters & Company

To: Parents and Guardians

Today your child saw a presentation on friends and choices, by Critters & Company. Critters & Company uses a unique medium of live animals and their stories to share with the children relationship building concepts. Each of the animals and the major issues of the presentation are shared with you in the following outline. Please take time to ask questions and explore with your child what they saw and heard today. Please use the opportunity to reinforce the portions of the materials that are important to you and your family. Critters & Company wishes you the best of success in your journey of parenting your children.

I. Definition of Teasing: To annoy or pester, to make fun of continually.


 I.  Friends that have been hurt
     a. Relationships take time to develop.
     b. Personal space is different for different people or  animals,   
         sometimes it is based on past experience.
     c. Healthy relationships develop through respect for the individual.

Blue & Gold Macaw

 II.  Friends with attitudes
      a. Each of us is responsible for self protection.
      b. We need to be alert and think about how to protect ourselves 
           before we get into a  high-risk relationship.  
      c.  Dangerous friends are still treated with respect and courtesy.


 III.    Friends that are different:
         a. When something is different use your eyes and ears  discover.


 IV.  Good Friends
         a. Good Friends are good listeners, 
             dependable, and do not need to be the center of attention.


 V.  Fun Friends
       a. Friends who follow the rules have more fun.
       b. Friends who follow the rules are safer.
       c. Friends who follow the rules get to do more and have more choices.
       d. Following the rules can save your life.
       e. Parents and teachers have guidelines so you can have more fun.

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