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Elementary Students

wpe1.jpg (4560 bytes)Primary and elementary students have benefited from Critters & Company's Violence Prevention presentations.  Critters & Company has four options available to stimulate the success of the students, families and staff in your school community.                            

Critters & Company recommends that schools begin their  journey of building respect and courtesy with the "Friends & Choices" lyceum.  During the following year either "Teasing: Harassment in Disguise" or "Diversity: The Spice of Variety" would be appropriate as a follow up program.  The fourth year, our new presentation "Attitudes that Make a Difference" would cap off four years of Critters & Company's violence prevention influence.  

Be sure to ask about Critters & Company's  about our 
"Official Class Registry",  now available for each class room.

  1. Lyceums presented according to the cognitive and emotional development of the audience; with helps and promotional materials to be used prior to and after a presentation.
  2. A Kids Page with questions, activities and interaction between us at Critters & Company and the students who have participated in a lyceum.
  3. Teachers and Administration in-service training. Critters & Company believes that the true efforts to make a difference happen in the classroom and at home, as parents and teachers interact with the children.   Our in-service sets the tone for interaction that makes a difference.


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