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Privacy Policy

Critters and Company has no interest in collecting personal information about you. This site does not use cookies in any form, and neither does it use Web bugs.

The details available to us are:

  • Search phrases that were used in the search engine. We do not use ads and we do not use banners.
  • Links that brought users to Critters and Comapny, such as a search string on or NOT who clicked on the link.
  • The counters are generic and only collect number of hits so we know how many people are visiting the site and what pages are most often visited. We use this information to provide better future site content.

We do not mine site data, we are too busy trying to make a difference building positive relationships with youth and professionals in schools, churches and businesses.

Concerned about Net privacy? You should be. Check out Junkbusters for the scary truth about cookies and Web bugs. It includes great links to other sources. Or see exactly what a Web site can find out about your computer.

Critters and Company cannot be responsible for data-gathering methods found on other sites that may be linked from this one. If you're concerned, turn off cookies in your browser and be wary. Read other sites' privacy policies.

If you send me information for any reason, I won't sell it or distribute it in any form. If you simply want an answer to a question and I happen to know an appropriate person who can help you I may forward your email to such a person in to help you out.

Presently we do not email marketing.

This site does not solicit information from children and therefore does not have to go through any wild mechanisms to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. However, if a kid under 13 writes to me, I will probably reply unless completely overwhelmed by work; if any personally identifying information is included, and I know the child is under 13, I will delete the e-mail after responding. Learn more about kids' privacy from the FTC Kidz Privacy site.

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Phone:  763-427-3442.


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