wpe20.jpg (6198 bytes)"Team Building"
Presented by
Critters & Company

Critters & Company's Team Building presentation develops the fundamental skills that teams use to build their success on.  The presentation is designed to minimize the hindrances to quality team work and to promote efficiency.

  • Time Required: 2 hr. - 3 hr. session with six components  

  • Fee:  Contact Gregory M. Olson at main office for quote.

  • Sessions:  Accommodates groups of 25 to 200 people

  • wpe18.jpg (4370 bytes)Procedures:  Interactive presentation using live animals and story telling as a medium.  Participants will view and hear concepts related to the animals that applies to their team building experience.  They will then participate in complementary skill developing exercises.

  • Value to You:

                        Increased Efficiency    =    Increased Profits
                        Increased Moral          =    A Content Workforce
                        Clear Protocol            =     Conflict Reduction

What We Do

  • Team Climate:  Using live animals and story telling as a medium, we will guide your team to build a team climate.

  • Self Motivation:  Each workshop section uses a critter to touch the thoughts and motivate the participant's passion for team success.**

  • Audience Interaction:  Activities stimulate participants goal development and interpretation of their role in the team.

Training Objectives

Salmon Crested

   Pre-conflict resolution:   
  Individuals will recognize how body language and
  personal space effect relationships.

  Exercise I              Body language interpretation

Blue & Gold Macaw

  Behavior and attitude Recognition:   
  Teams will explore behavior and attitudes they
   believe are dangerous in their work setting.

  Exercise II               Personality types*


  Pre-conceived Pattern Minimization:   
  Participants will explore how pre-conceived ideas effect careers.

  Exercise III              Minimizing pre-conceived ideas


   Power Qualities of Team Members:  
  The Audience will understand the three basic team
   player qualities; active listening, dependability, and team focused.

  Exercise IV             Listening development


   Protocol & Boundaries:   
   Teams will learn how to develop protocol for team success.

   Exercise V               Recognizing leadership styles




   Participants will be challenged to make a difference.

*   Critters & Company uses four traits in its personality model.  Using animals personified, we advocate that each individual has dominate personality traits.  The other three traits are explored to encourage personal success.

**  Statistics have shown that the use of a live object, adjacent to quality instruction increases memory retention.  Team members retain and recall appropriate application longer when stimulated by visual and emotional mediums (Kobayashi, 1985; Hart & O'Shanick, 1993; Olson, Logan and Lindsey, 1988; and Mayer and Anderson, 1992).  

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