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Critters & Company works with your business to enhance human relationships and communication issues.  Our use of live animals provides a realistic approach to address "really" tough personnel issues. Available for corporate presentations, annual meetings, or employee development.  

Teasing: Harassment in Disguise
Critters & Company's "Harassment" presentation minimizes the potential of litigation in the workplace.  Participants are trained to recognize the legal implications, understand boundary and personal space issues, and become aware of potential interpersonal skills that restore stressed relationships.

Team Building
Interpersonal relationships affect productivity.  "Team Building" increases personnel's understanding of how their choices influence their work setting.  Participants explore issues impacting team climate and how they can make a difference. 

Customer Service: Building Sensitivity
Understanding how to interact with a customer increases customer satisfaction.   Participants are exposed to issues that impact how they respond to the variety of customers they face in the workplace.  Building sensitivity increases professional success.

Challenges: Keep Them Simple
Personnel development and limiting overreactions and understanding differences in reactions from management and employees.

Diversity; The Spice of Variety
Understanding why our differences our our greatest asset in our businesses. Learn ways to work with differences instead of against them

Attitudes of Influence
Learn about attitudes to help your corporate or business team join forces to influence change, production and profits.

Critters & Company has other presentations available dealing with interpersonal relationships and diversity.

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Why Critters & Company

  • Memory Retention - Critters & Company's use of live animals, stimulate the memory to retain information longer.

  • Recall - This unique medium of using live animals and story telling improves the foundational recall of presentation concepts.

  • Barrier Reduction - The use of live animals and story telling is an effective tool that gains and maintains the attention of the participants.  - Besides, its fun.


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