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Who is Greg Olson 
Critters & Company, Inc. was established because of a need that founder and main presenter, Gregory M.  Olson, observed with the at-risk children he worked with in family reunification.  He found that by using animals and describing their natural and personal history, normally resistive children and adults were receptive to life saving messages. 

Meet Diane Olson
Diane Olson joins her husband Greg in working with the animals and providing support in presentations.

Live animals and story telling are a powerful tool, they are the soft messengers that bring to life the hard messages we need for our success.   Topics include, but are not limited to; Friendship, Customer Service, Harassment, Diversity, Team Building, and Choices of Integrity.  Critters & Company, Inc. will design specialized programming for the schools, business and spiritual wpe1F.jpg (8371 bytes)settings to be used in the following:

Plus we have fun doing this!

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to Make
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"We work with you to provide a future for safe, healthy families and schools. 
We are a relationship and motivational company that 
uses live animals and storytelling to help people understand their relationship |to each other and the environment."

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