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Interactive Presentations 
Since 1989, Critters and Company has presented to over 750,000 people in schools, businesses, communities and churches. Using live animals personified and storytelling, Critters & Company advocates that each individual has potential for building a better world.  Participants will view and hear concepts related to the animals that applies to their life experiences. In workshop presentations they will participate in complimentary skill developing exercises. 

Self Motivation
Each workshop section uses the critter to touch the thoughts and motivate participant's passion for success. Statistics have shown that the use of a live object, adjacent to quality instruction, increases memory retention. Participants retain and recall appropriate application longer when stimulated by visual and emotion mediums 
(Kobayahi 1985; Hart & O'Shanick, 1993; Olson, Logan and Lindsay, 1988; and Mayer and Anderson, 1992)

Audience Interaction
Activities stimulate participant's goal development that leads to personal success.

  • Memory Retention - Critters & Company's use of live animals, stimulate the memory to retain information longer.

  • Recall - This unique medium of using live animals and story telling improves the foundational recall of presentation concepts.

  • Barrier Reduction - The use of live animals and story telling is an effective tool that gains and maintains the attention of the participants.

Tree Talk - "Learning from Animals"
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Review

Meet "Tilly" Our Wallaby

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"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our school. I enjoyed the animals very much. It was the best program I have ever seen (and I'm not saying this just to be nice)."
 Emily, 5th grade

Wildlife Shows 
with a Purpose

Dedicated to helping people understand each other. 
Critters and people are respected with courtesy. 

  • Friends and Choices Relationships take time to develop ...
  • Teasing: Harassment in Disguise To annoy or pester, to make fun of continually ...
  • Diversity: The Spice of Variety Critters & Company's program captivates your attention...
  • Team Building Minimize the hindrances to Quality team work and promote efficiency...
  • Challenges; Keep them Simple Recognize foundation motivation before it becomes explosive...

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