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National FASD Camp Program Response

The guy with the animals was great.T

he couple that brought the animals were great – again, concise, repetition, high interest due to the animal component (except for the snake, maybe)

The Critters and Company was great - wonderful message they gave and the kids really seemed to enjoy this as did the adults. 
The man/wife duo that brought in the animals were excellent.  The "Critters" was t successful.  

 The animals’ guy was great – I liked the symbolism – I like when things are compared with others things. I am visual so when I see how the animals react then I can look at how it affects me.

I liked the speaker most with the animals because he made each animal mean something and explained something and it was in little bits not big listening pieces – he gave us little bit by little bit and I can handle that better.

I really liked the 'animal guy' that came to speak.  They were very enjoyable to listen to because they succeeded in making their topics mean something to the experts (campers)

The animal guy was awesome –he taught valuable lessons that were interesting and easy to remember.

 Critters and Company was great – Greg presented his material CLEARly and it was interesting.

Greg’s way of preventing to change and think. This animal does this and you have to be patient. It helps you place an idea with an animal and hooks you to remember. I would remember now the animal first and then I would think what he taught with that animal. It gave me a foundation.

It wasn't just showing animals - it was about having a good attitude

I liked Greg and the to treat everyone and animals with respect

I thoroughly enjoyed Greg and Dianne Olson’s presentation. He clearly was a teacher—identifying characteristics of each animal “guest” that we all need, and repeating them after each segment. He demonstrated the repetition and rhythm that I spoke about in the introduction segments. How cool was that?

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